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Plot Log| "Whoops" | CO, XO, CHelm | Cmdre Kanryth, Capt Agron, LtCmdr Rha-Yaleii

Posted on 241511.17 @ 4:52am by Lieutenant Commander Jin Rha-Yaleii & Captain Khiy Kanryth & Commander Zivit Agron
Edited on on 241511.17 @ 12:12pm

Mission: Coil of Darkness
Location: USS Crazy Horse
Timeline: current

[Crazy Horse]

The Romulans were diving towards the outer atmosphere- thin cones of tawny fire laced across their beaks creating a sparkling trail of embers behind them.
“Weapons hot!”
Khiy coiled his fingers around the armrests. Below them the massive turquoise of the pacific oceans gave way to the emerald and dust stained landscape that from such a distance seemed more like something that might be strewn on a canvas then real. The flare of Sol sparkled against feathered etched hulls of the Romulan ships. What are they doing?! “Captain Agron perhaps we sho…” A sudden shower of emerald rained out of the Romulan ships. He felt his stomach instantly tightly into a rock.

"Hold fire." the Valzhan voiced, filling in the stunned silence that took over as the Romulans unleashed their own power. If there was anything at all to make things worse, it would be to turn their weapons on these ships. As if not enough to watch her hopes erupt into a rather spectacularly bright ball of flame; made all the more morbidly glorious by the gaseous atmosphere the quartet, now trio, of ships occupied.

"Attempt to hail Romulan vessels." Zivit commanded, the words full of careful composure. Realizing it may have been a touch of assumption on her behalf, emerald gaze was cast sidelong towards the Commodore beside her in silent quest of reaction.

While Crazy Horse bucked and snorted rather like her four-legged namesake and Jin struggled to keep them in weapons range of the winged shape on the viewscreen, she couldn’t help but wonder the same thing as Ducky – were they daft? Not that the space elves couldn’t be foolishly brave when they thought it was necessary, but these guys had to know firing on a Federation core world could get them sent to Ariennye express mail.

So, if they hadn’t gone space happy, or were trying to start a war – and what a stupid way to do that, outnumbered as they were, and with their very own Praetor in the crossfire – there really weren’t too many options … Efrosian curses are a bit more colorful and emphatic than ‘oh crap’. But the sentiment is pretty much the same.


Vexation creased across Khiy’s forehead as he stared at the screen. Seconds seemed to extend into eternity as the hot green bolts of plasma lit up surface like molten rain. The once pristine blue of Lake Tahoe was being transmuted into s sulfurous mud as smoke billowed up in long dark streaks like great crags filling the sky below. “We can’t wait.” Khiy bit his lip, glanced at his XO, and then turned his attention back to the carnage on the view screen “tractor beam- maybe we can drag them out of orbit.”

Half-turning, the Valzhan found the face she sought easily enough behind her, as had been expected. "Lieutenant Batul, prepare a reconnaissance and recovery team. If there is anyone or any...thing left, we need to find them immediately."

Receiving a quick nod in reply that was good as word, the first officer returned her attention to the Romulan vessels branded across the viewscreen. What in all of the living hells were they going to do with those? Even should they manage to be pulled back. Frowning deeply, she awaited what would unfold in the next handful of moments.

Jin had rather hoped for the Romulans to answer the hail, just so she could have offered them a friendly “Eneh hwau’ kllhwnia na imirrhlhhse!” over the channel, but she would have settled for weapons control to give them the message more succinctly. A nice but firm tap on the shoulder, as it were.
Since neither seemed a viable option at the moment, and fighter pilots are, as a rule, prone to get twitchy with weapons fire in the vicinity, the little Efrosian pondered the situation for a few seconds and then decided she had more than demonstrated polite restraint.

Had the pointy eared Commodore paid attention to the small head crowned with a mop of snowy hair, he’d have seen it tilt to the side in that “baby hawk just saw something interesting” way he knew to herald … annoying things.
With a sudden howl of her engines, Crazy Horse leapt forward. Inertia dampeners caught on to the rude little maneuver after a good 0.2 seconds, but somewhere behind Jin a soft thud announced that someone had landed on what qualified as their hind end for their species.

To any Romulan on the nearest warbird it might have looked as if the Horse meant to live up to the crazy part of its name by barreling right for a blood-green beak – and then the silver dish dipped playfully, not quite venturing into the line of fire but close enough to make its shields flare briefly … and for some inexplicable reason a feedback loop caused the forward disruptors to cough and splutter before blowing out a few rather important circuits.
Not so inexplicable, really, when you figured that firing weapons while this close to a planetary atmosphere could cause some nasty energy buildups crackling just over the thermosphere. Which the insolent little lloann'na ship had just fed the mighty warbird with a rather large spoon. Almost as if someone had known exactly when that green energy beam was running hot enough to cause not only said feedback loop, but some highly innovative references to the Federation pilot’s ancestry.

“Whoops.” With an expression of innocent glee, Jin sent the Horse into a barrel roll, speeding away from what by now were probably rather cranky Romulans. As if she didn’t have one of her own right behind her.

Satisfaction was felt- but rarely shown. Khiy gave the exuberant Effrosian a simple nod of approval while his eyes studied the Romulan ships on the viewscreen. Certainly t’Rehu wouldn’t have ordered such a haggard and half assed attempt? He shook his head. “Inform them to leave orbit immediately or we will have them towed back to Romulan space.” He sighed and looked at Zivit “will be in my ready room Captain. Contact me when the survey teams report back.”

"Yessir." Valzhan replied, rising from her seat. A short gesture sent Batul towards the lift, the Captain's feet quickly taking her on the same path. While there was little hope to find anything left...but she would rather sift through pieces of debris than dare trust herself to try to speak with those who had ruined the opportunity for answers. As if this whole thing did not already reek of something incredibly rotten...


Commodore Khiy Kanryth
Commanding Officer
USS Crazy Horse

Captain Zivit Agron
Executive Officer
USS Crazy Horse

LtCmdr Jin Rha-Yaleii
Chief Helm Officer
USS Crazy Horse


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