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Plot Log| "Unanswered Questions Pt.1" | CO, XO, Sec | Cmdre Kanryth, Capt Agron, Lt Batul

Posted on 241511.03 @ 6:33am by Commander Zivit Agron & Captain Khiy Kanryth & Lieutenant Commander Jin Rha-Yaleii

Mission: Coil of Darkness
Location: Lake Tahoe, Earth

Perhaps it was the lack of sleep, or the ridiculous amount of coincidence; but Captain Agron almost found the situation they were in laughable, had it not also come accompanied by a vast amount of tragedy and uneasy suspicion. Batul's hypothesis had proven correct, and there had been two separate explosions. The first had been caused by the stolen trilitium, also as anticipated. The seconds, however, had been an equally destructive resin known to be used by the Obsidian Order. While no answer had exactly been found to how or why that particular element was involved, it had stirred up some untoward connections in the form of Starfleet involvement. A Commander Bargash, still active, and a former Captain by the name of Sergei Andropov.

The names were not familiar to the Valzhan, though the activities, connections smacked of something more recognizable. With no direct ties, however, the blame had been able to be narrowed down to a particular organization. One she could not bring herself to believe was working alone, despite what shreds of evidence to the contrary. Fed First. How terribly biased of a name could they have come up with? Disgust twisted her lips into a frown, one slender hand moving to hover over the phaser that rested against one hip. Never before had she truly had any inkling of desire to use a weapon of any kind. The small hunger for vengeance of some kind crashing against everything she had fought for her entire life, stomach cramping in nauseous protest.

In early morning sunlight, Lake Tahoe sparkled brilliant sapphire. Its beaches suspiciously empty save for the small group that now moved carefully through the brush at their edges. That it was here, of all places, their quarry had been traced to made Zivit all the more ill. Had they been sitting a few hundred yards away that whole time? Memory of the strange handful that had passed through their camp stirred, bringing with it unwarranted guilt. What could they have done? Interrogated passerby just for looking mildly out of place? Perhaps they should have...

At the head of the pack, Batul forged the path. Green-skinned Security officer moving as if she was intimately acquainted with the terrain, for all that she had likely never been there. Careful, almost strangely agile movements that reminded of a hunting feline, stalking its prey. There were no words exchanged this close only gestures. When the Orion drew up, all movement stopped behind her. Roseate gaze swept over a thin strip of shoreline, glinting almost animalistic as the sunlight caught them. This was the closest they would be getting, for the moment.

On the other edge of the shoreline Khiy moved with his own small entourage and a group of Marines. There was something personal about having one of his favored retreats violated. His eyes focused on the glistening water while his mind covered every possibility it could imagine.

On the other edge of the shoreline Khiy moved with his own small entourage and a group of Marines. There was something personal about having one of his favored retreats violated. His eyes focused on the glistening water while his mind covered every possibility it could imagine. A glance at his chrono told him that they were near the operational start time. “Colonel keep forwar-” He stopped suddenly and looked towards the lake. Beneath his feet the Earth began to slowly vibrate sending pebbles cascading down the shoreline and into the crystalline lake. From all directions birds suddenly left their perches in the trees and flew skyward nearly blanketing the sky.

The lake- once pristine was now becoming clouded in grey sediment as the calmly ebbing water gave way to large ripples which slapped hard against the shoreline. Looking across the lake Khiy pressed his commbadge “Captain- it seems they are going to try to make a break for it.” His eye’s narrowing knowingly as steam started to bubble out from the lake.

Uttering a phrase that had no translation, Zivit pushed past the crouched Orion officer and the remaining underbrush. Glaring at the roiling surface of the water, Valzhan diverted her attention towards the opposite shore; as if there would be a visual answer just waiting there. Of course, it was a foolish hope. A small handful of phasers was not going to make a lick of difference. Tapping her combadge, she hoped that her presumption would be the correct one. "Agron to the Crazy Horse. Reclaim all parties immediately."

[USS Crazy Horse]

The beautiful yet turbulent scenery evaporated and was replaced by the bright blue lights of the Crazy Horse’s transporter room. Khiy immediately filed off the pad followed by his contingent and rushed out of the room. This scenario had been anticipated and they were ready but it still made him uneasy. There were too many variables and getting into a firefight in Earth orbit was not ideal. He looked behind him to see Zivit charge out of the transporter room. He stepped into the turbolift and pressed the button holding it for her as she headed towards him.

Normally serene mask worn by the Valzhan was gone, replaced by a much more honest stormy expression. As soon as her foot cleared the door, she gave a short nod to the Commodore, lips pressed into a thin, firm line. It would have been so much easier if they could have managed to keep this on the planet. Now...she felt all her hopes of obtaining answers slipping away like sand through her fingertips. Desperate people fought the hardest. And Often to the death.


The lift moved but at a pace that seemed all too slow. He waited silently as the lights fluttered through the transparent panels. The tension slowly started to coil around his heart as time seemed to ebb towards eternity. When the door finally parted he could barely breathe as he stepped onto the bridge. Everyone seemed frantic. Khiy calmly walked around the tactical console until he found his seat. The view screen image was focused on Earth but the Crazy Horse was out of position- below them Europe twisted around towards nightfall “we need to get in better position. Inform spacedock to release moorings.”

“Roger that” an unwontedly cheerful voice piped up from the helmsman’s seat and in short order a tiny creature with a mop of white hair informed spacedock as requested. Which in this case meant engines humming to life with the sound of a huge tiger yawning, while a diminutive Efrosian’s fingers tenderly slid across the helm console. Judging from some excitedly blinking lights and the plaintive honking of diverse small alerts, they got the message.
Being a friendly person, Jin quickly transmitted a confirmation that the Crazy Horse intended to depart – not that it wasn’t obvious, but it never hurt to be polite – and the moorings retracted with alacrity.

“Spacedock, I still have an umbilical on my nose. You might want to … no, slowing down is not an option at the moment. I know that look on Ducky’s face. What? No, we’re authorized alright. There we go. Merci.”
In what might well be the second fastest spacedock departure in Starfleet history, Crazy Horse shot from its cradle like a racing equine from the gate, her nose dipping towards port and glowing nacelles swung about by sheer momentum, leaving a mightily disturbed anthill in her wake.
Somewhere the words ‘not again’ were muttered into empty air.

Fighter pilots aren’t wont to ask silly questions when the hunt is on, and Jin had gathered enough from the hectic conversations on the bridge to know they were headed towards the Northern American continent. She also figured, quite reasonably, that they were in a bit of a hurry, and a shortcut might not go amiss.
Shuttles scattering before her bow, Crazy Horse dipped into a lower orbit, her hull skimming Earth’s atmosphere like a playful surfer while underneath the pretty blue marble rolled and on the viewscreen the American shoreline took shape.

“Commodore. Two of the Romulan ships have pulled into lower orbit. Weapons hot!”

Khiy’s eyes left the view screen and focused on the young Ensign at the tactical station “what?” He didn’t doubt that they had been monitoring communications but all the precautions had been taken to encrypt communication…unless… Khiy frowned “open a channel to the Romulan ships.”

“Channel open sir.”

Standing up Khiy walked towards the view screen until he stood between the helm and operations stations and stopped “Romulan vessels this is Commodore Khiy Kanryth. You are not authorized to use weapon within Federation space. I repeat you are not authorized to use weapons here. Withdrawal immediately before an incident occ-” A bright emerald flash temporarily illuminated the bridge as a line of bright green disruptor bolts swarmed towards the Earth bathing the clouds below in a translucent emerald as they pass through them.

“They’ve opened fire!”

“Damnit. I’ve had enough.” Khiy retreated to his chair “red alert. Target the Romulan ships. Inform them that if they do not stand down they will be destroyed.”

Khiy had barely finished speaking when his ship did a turn over her starboard nacelle that might have looked playful if it hadn’t been a large Insignia-class doing it. For about half a second the inertia dampeners strained, spat out shipwide alerts, and then thought better of it. Their reward was another second and a bit of queasy vertigo when Crazy Horse plunged downwards like a ballerina who has severely overextended herself and surely must crumble to the ground – only the silver shape didn’t. Instead, it bounced off Earth’s atmosphere, and even as the ship groaned and the dampeners would have cursed the mad pilot had they been programmed to do so, the Horse’s nose was suddenly pointed right at the nearest warbird.

Jin eyed the pretty blood-green shape with the unnatural calm of a pilot on the scent, almost absentmindedly nudging the ship closer, finding the perfect angle … Insignia-class meant that to get the ideal shot she had to … gotcha. For a moment her fingers looked for a targeting system that wasn’t there, but at least the very satisfying beep of a weapons lock reached her sensitive ears.
Somewhere behind her, she could feel Ducky’s beautiful black eyes shooting daggers at the viewscreen.
Talk about an interesting first day at the new job.

Sinking into the seat just to the right of the Captain's, Agron stared in mild disbelief at the viewscreen before her. "What...what are they doing here?" was demanded into the air, though she did not exactly expect a response. Really, one was not needed. They were destroying any chance of answers that would have still thinly remained.


Commodore Khiy Kanryth
Commanding Officer
USS Crazy Horse

Captain Zivit Agron
Executive Officer
USS Crazy Horse

Lieutenant Commander Jin Rha-Yaleii
Chief Helm Officer
USS Crazy Horse

Lieutenant Kishar Batul
Security Officer
USS Crazy Horse
apb Zivit


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