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The continuing missions of the USS Crazy Horse. Under the command of Commander Zivit Agron

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Included Missions

Any Port In The Storm

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Rescued from the attentions of ruthless pirates, the remaining Crazy Horse crew must band together. With the assistance of their savior ship the USS Medusa bodies and ship alike must be held together until a safe harbor is found to offer shelter and the chance to recuperate.

Memorias Rotundum

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With the Alpha Quadrant engulfed in war and the Federation's resources spread thin every piece of military hardware is of upmost importance to Starfleet Command. To complicate matters Starfleet has lost contact with a distant, but strategically important Starbase on the edge of Federation and Tholian space. Long distance scans indicate the station is still intact, but hails to the outpost continue to go unanswered.

The Crazy Horse has been ordered to investigate the mysterious disconnect and reestablish contact with the estranged station.