Coil of Darkness

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The Romulan Praetor is paying a visit to Earth. The crew of Crazy Horse has been tasked with aiding the security preparations as the ship orbits Earth in dry-dock undergoing repairs.

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Second Contact

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With increased activity within the Krivaldi sector, Starfleet have ordered the USS Crazy Horse head out and conduct re-con of the surrounding area; orders are to stay out of sight and undetected - The Crazy Horse will also use this opportunity to tackle any technical difficulties the old ship may produce on her first voyage out.

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Honourable Sedition

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Events in the Klingon Empire bring the USS Crazy Horse into the middle of a civil war!

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Tala Czar

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Memorias Rotundum

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Enemy Of My Enemy

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The USS Crazy Horse, under the command of Starfleet Intelligence, is sent to investigate the Cardassian planet "Carida".

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Mind's Eye

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Nightmares and wild fantasies begin to take over the everyday lives of the Crazy Horse crew.

Any Port In The Storm

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Rescued from the attentions of ruthless pirates, the remaining Crazy Horse crew must band together. With the assistance of their savior ship the USS Medusa bodies and ship alike must be held together until a safe harbor is found to offer shelter and the chance to recuperate.

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Phyius Beta

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The crew of the USS Crazy Horse-E are due for some RnR after being held against their will in Tala Czar. They settle upon a small, uninhabited planet called Phyius Beta which boasts sunny skies, golden beaches and a killer sunset.

This plot also handles the change in command from Commodore Sova to Captain Alexia Nolan, and the change in ship classes.

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Recouperation and Refits Oh My

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Antecedent Transgression

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With the Alpha Quadrant engulfed in war and the Federation's resources spread thin every piece of military hardware is of upmost importance to Starfleet Command. To complicate matters Starfleet has lost contact with a distant, but strategically important Starbase on the edge of Federation and Tholian space. Long distance scans indicate the station is still intact, but hails to the outpost continue to go unanswered.

The Crazy Horse has been ordered to investigate the mysterious disconnect and reestablish contact with the estranged station.

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"Silence" R&R

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After the events at Starbase 447 - Sheyma Station the Crazy Horse returns to Earth to be debriefed by Starfleet Command. In addition to their official duties the crew is ordered to take a mandatory rest and relaxation period in order to unwind after the taxing mission.

Also, the secrets uncovered at Sheyma continue to haunt certain members of the Horse family and lead to some unintended consequences involving Sheyma's surving population.

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Against All Odds

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Following a short R&R the crew of the Crazy Horse find themselves on Earth during a surprise attack on the Federation Capital planet. Starfleet Command and Paris take the brunt of the attack, thousands die, and Starfleet is left scrambling for answers.

Is this the turning point of the Triad War?

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Recalling Arcadia

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Having safely deposited their former 'guests', the Crazy Horse crew is sent on a diplomatic investigation to the Kendi system of the Gamma Quadrant. Not all is work and no play, however. The Kendi homeworld offers a great chance for the majority of the crew to take a break and enjoy themselves.