Zivit Agron

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One Must First Crawl...
on 241307.16 @ 10:59pm
Solitude. A precious commodity. If nothing else, Zivit had become masterful at seeking, and finding, such locales. Even as a child, when there had been… View Log
Standing in the Wake of Devastation
on 241306.30 @ 6:24pm
The walk to her quarters could not even be recalled; only that somehow, she had made it there on instinct alone. The floor beneath her… View Log
One Foot First
on 241303.18 @ 12:53am
The Executive Officer's quarters were palatial, in comparison to what had ever been experienced before. Standing half-dressed before a near body-length mirror, Zivit found herself… View Log
Awake and Sleepless as Stars Shine
on 241301.16 @ 4:53am
"Be sure you wish to pursue this, little sister. There is deep fear within that boy. I only desire your safety and happiness..." Zivit frowned… View Log
New Start?
on 241301.07 @ 5:06am
Earth. The sheer concept of being here was awe-inspiring. Along with a great deal of discomfort. Even if it was only on the Starbase, it… View Log
Merciless Floods
on 241209.29 @ 10:33am
~~ Personal Quarters ~~ Pacing length of of her quarters, still unused to having so much space, Zivit fought a need to scream so deeply… View Log
Who Counsels the Counselor?
on 241209.28 @ 6:13pm
The third night of merciless horrors plaguing her dreams, and it was obvious that her problem was not going to quietly fade away as hoped.… View Log
Back to Work.
on 241209.20 @ 4:37pm
=/\= Personal Quarters =/\= Sitting, staring at the small black box in slender hands, Zivit still could not wrap her head around it fully, singular… View Log
Unwelcomed Visions
on 241209.02 @ 2:56am
Throbbing in time with beating heart was the only thing that could be remembered; pain. So deep and lasting, it had become something peripheral, no… View Log
Up For Bid
on 241208.25 @ 11:10pm
Noise. That was the first thing that Zivit could hear as the guards who had swept her from the commons shoved her unceremoniously through a… View Log
Standing Up
on 241208.07 @ 3:19pm
~~ Sickbay ~~ Glancing at the chronometer on the wall of the tiny closet-space that was her office, the Counselor fought the urge to grind… View Log
Just Breathe
on 241208.03 @ 6:17am
~~ Personal Quarters, Directly Following "Starting Point" ~~ Zivit was sure she had never been so relieved to enter a room, yet as the door… View Log