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Lieutenant Commander Jin Rha-Yaleii

Name Jin Rha-Yaleii

Position Chief Helm Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Library Bio

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Efrosian hybrid
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 101 lbs
Hair Color white (most of the time)
Eye Color ice blue
Physical Description Tiny Efrosian with Vulcanoid ears, often referred to as 'miniature space-elf', 'pint-sized pilot' or, most recently, Pixie. When she's not called 'OhYeGAWDS it's HER again' of course.

Off duty easily identified by oversized cargo-pants and combat boots, tight fitting tops and a mop of white hair reminiscent of a porcupine which has been sat on (repeatedy).


Spouse none
Children none
Father your guess is as good as mine
Mother Maitlin Rha-Yaleii
Brother(s) one half-brother, Mhvol Rha-Yaleii

Personality & Traits

General Overview Medical History:

Like most Efrosians, Jin has fairly poor eyesight under what the average humanoid would consider ‘normal’ circumstances, but does in fact simply see a wider portion of the spectrum than most other species. It is because of this minor difficulty that she can betimes be seen sporting a pair of blue-tinted reading glasses similar to those worn by former UFP president Ra-Ghoratreii.

Her heightened sense of smell and excellent hearing are quite common among her species, her unfailing ability to get lost even on a small starship however is most puzzling for a race known to produce some of the galaxy’s finest navigators.

Jin is in excellent health despite a tendency to incur countless bumps, bruises, lacerations and fractures on a regular basis. Medical officers are however advised to keep an emergency stash of Efrosian Levithi-nuts around to avoid another “Jeparli Station-incident”. Those tummy-aches are not to be trifled with and no one wants a pilot picking a fight with Nausicaans because she’s in a bad mood.

Update, Cmdr Tropx MD, Starfleet Medical, SD 241109.27

After a recent stunt which the Lieutenant Commander refuses to discuss beyond her assurance that it was ‘an accident’, I must place Miss Rha-Yaleii on extended medical leave. While I was able to save the limb there has been extensive damage not only to the bone structure – one might think she tried to stop a starship from going to warp by kicking it – but also the patella and several rather important muscles and nerves.
I recommend the physical therapy facilities on Denobula – provided someone can actually ferry the woman there after extracting her from O’Dale’s bar.

Update, Cmdr Tropx MD, Starfleet Medical, SD 241201.03

Request to be returned to duty granted. The conditions (which she will ignore no doubt) are regular medical checkups and continued physiotherapy. Light duty only. Godspeed.

Personality Profile:

Honest and straightforward sometimes to the point of seeming rude, Jin is nonetheless as emotionally complex as any Efrosian. Her usually friendly, positive temper is easily misconstrued as naïveté (or recklessness, take your pick) and she does often insist on assuming the best about people until proven otherwise. Proven repeatedly and at phaser-point if need be.
Naturally this amiable disposition leads people to forget they are dealing with not only a capable fighter pilot but seasoned and highly decorated combat-veteran, although this seems to suit Jin just fine.
Strengths & Weaknesses Capable of matching drinks with a Klingon twice her size and blowing up Dominion ships the day after. Incapable of resisting the temptation to taunt a Romulan Warbird 800 times the size of her bird.
Hobbies & Interests Booze. Inviting Klingons to parties. Hiding a Denobulan Lemur in the XO's underwear drawer. Flying things that go fast. Making other things go boom in interesting ways. Making pals with Tellarites. Making and buying things for people she considers friends. Did I mention booze?

Personal History Jin is a bit of an uncommon sight for an Efrosian, not only due to the fact that she is a hybrid with pointed ears and barely visible ridges. Like her mother, Jin sports the white hair more commonly associated with the males of the species but found in only a small percentage of the women.

Born and raised in the harsh climate of Efros Delta, Jin can be described as a “Tough Cookie”, not only because of her unusually sturdy physique but because she was used to looking after her little half-brother from an early age.
In keeping with Efrosian culture, the children were raised primarily by their mother, although said mother is a charming scatterbrain and to this day Jin feels replicated food lacks the personal touch of crispy bits or the odd mystery ingredient.
Another side effect is that neither of the children knows nor particularly cares about the ‘father’ part of the equation and while Maitlin is fairly sure her lover at the time was a Vulcan, the only thing anyone knows for certain is that Jin is green-blooded and has the temper to prove it.

Considered musically talented even among a species whose very language is music based, Jin has been known to pick up not only alien songs but in fact entire languages quite rapidly, though it would be a mistake to hand her any sort of musical instrument.

Her long lasting friendship with a Trill news reporter on Earth has instilled a deep appreciation of human foodstuffs in Jin, not to mention added some rather odd items of clothing to her small wardrobe. Odd to her. But if Rafi says Chanel is good … no, she won’t wear the funny shoes except on Federation Day.
Service Record Call sign: Voodoo (Wherever she goes, Trouble always follows)

Rumor has it that during flight school Jin went by the callsign “Wombat”, but it is generally unwise for a person to address her this way unless they know the origin of this particular acronym and have survived using it before.

Jin’s Service record has a few blemishes, ranging from several bar fights to an unsanctioned requisition of materiel (of which she and the “Fighting Crows” were mostly cleared after intervention by a high ranking official, however the reprimand for damaging SF property stands).

2407-2409 Second Dominion War
Assigned to the “Fighting Crows” Squadron on board the USS Otomaro

After their ship’s destruction by Dominion forces and the loss of more than two thirds of their squadron, then Lt(jg) Rha-Yaleii became de facto leader of the Crows for the rest of the war. Shipped from one battlefield to the next, the “Fighting Crows” never regained full strength or their own carrier ship and found themselves homeless after war’s end.
With most of her friends reassigned, Jin found her reputation a bit of an obstacle in securing a new posting. To this day she is not sure whether she owes her assignment to the USS Archer-D to a sympathetic “bigwig” or the simple fact that a Klingon CO has no issues with a pilot who has 37 confirmed kills but a less than spit-shined file to go with it.

2409-2411 USS Archer-D
Assigned to Tactical Defense Wing 240 “Furies”
Squadron Commander of TDS 241 “Sirens”
Wing Commander since 2410

Aside from some minor turbulences during her time on the Archer, Jin quickly fit into the eclectic assortment of fighter pilots on board. Although her record states a commendation for going above and beyond the call of duty in organizing a diplomatic soiree for Klingons (to the detriment of the pilot’s lounge) and a USO show for the Marine contingent (resulting in the barracks needing a refit after the stage collapsed), there are also minor reprimands for breaking into the ship’s brig to deliver dinner to her confined CO and a vague reference to unsupervised pets.

Jin requested and was granted personal leave on SD241107.01. Upon her return however she was immediately hospitalized and is currently restricted to light duty after extensive physiotherapy. No explanation for the LtCmdr’s injuries is on file.


In 2412 Jin embarked on the adventure of ferrying VIPs across federation space – an assignment which she acknowledged as due punishment for a broken down pilot with a talent for causing Starfleet migraines on a regular basis. Not surprisingly there are complaints from various ambassadors, ranking officers and politicians on file, though the LtCmdr is also credited with defusing a diplomatic crisis through unorthodox methods. No statement regarding the “Andorian Exploding Cake Incident” is available from the Federation’s Diplomatic Corps.

2412-2415 The "Fighting Chickens" reunited

Assigned to Tactical Defense Wing 420
Squadron Commander of TDS 425 “Alouettes” since 2413

By 2411 all but three of the surviving Fighting Crows (by then informally known as “None but us Fighting Chickens”) were again serving together in the 420th Tactical Defense Wing out of Tranquility Base, Luna. Whether in recognition of the veterans’ service and prompted by fighter pilot solidarity or because the rambunctious group were in fact a force of nature when working together, Wing Commander Philippe “Le Moose” LeClaire placed the Chickens together in the 425th Squadron named “Alouettes”. With the outbreak of the Triad Conflicts the 420th TDW was moved to the USS Tecumseh NCC-14934-B. LeClaire located and requested the remaining Chickens for his wing, among them a rather astonished LtCmdr Rha-Yaleii.

Serving with distinction during the troubled years, the Alouettes earned citations for gallantry and valor, with the “Fighting Chickens” acquiring a reputation as good luck charms (“the buggers not only snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, they use it afterwards to hit defeat over the head”). The Fighting Chickens’ unofficial emblem is a black rooster. While not displayed on any uniforms, a stylized version is painted on the fighters and a patch is kept in the 420th TDW ready room.

TDW 420 was relocated back to Luna in 2415