The rules and goals we have here on the Crazy Horse are simple:
1. For everyone to have fun;
2. To encourage the USS Crazy Horse to be the best quality SIMulation that it can possibly be.

What is expected of you as a crew member?

1. One *quality* log per week. Senior Officers and Department Heads are strongly encouraged to post two quality logs a week.

2. All logs to be considered for a given week must be submitted by Saturday, 11:59PM Central US to count in the SIM Report for that week. If you are unable to log, you must send an excuse to Failure to log or send in an official excuse for three weeks may result in removal from the SIM.

3. Promotions and awards generally happen at the end of mission plots. This means that in all likelihoods, you will not be promoted on minimum times. This is NOT a reflection on your ability to role play on the Horse, we merely feel it is unrealistic to promote people in the middle of plots. Please review the UCIP Promotional Policy and Awards Document for further information regarding prerequisites for promotions and awards.

4. For promotion to Lt(JG) (or beyond), you must have a completed character biography for your active character.

5. Always keep in mind the 10 Basic Rules for EMail SIMming, found in the UCIP Basic SIMGuide.

6. All new members to UCIP start at the rank of Cadet. You should be contacted by UCIP Academy within the next two days regarding the Basic SIMGuide Course. This course is designed to start all members of UCIP on equal footing, and introduce them to how SIMming works in UCIP. For the experienced SIMmer, it is merely a formality to ensure that you understand the basics of SIMming in UCIP. If you are already a member of UCIP, please let us know!

7. As part of the UCIP, the USS Crazy Horse and its players are expected to follow the UCIP Member Code of Conduct.

8. Likewise, please review the Copyright and Data Retention Policy for material created for use in and on behalf of UCIP and affiliated websites.

9. Have fun and help others to have fun too!