Welcome to the website of the USS Crazy Horse! The USS Crazy Horse is an Insignia Class cruiser modified for a variety of roles within the Beta Quadrant. I am Captain Khiy Kanryth, Commanding Officer of the USS Crazy Horse and a former Starfleet Intelligence operative- it’s a long story so I’ll save it for later. My Executive Officer is Commander Zivit Agron, she used to be the Commanding Officer but is now my XO- another long story, for later. We have our disagreements but I wouldn't trade her for all the gold pressed latinum on Ferenginar. Hopefully we’ll find some new and exciting things, but between us, I wouldn’t mind a few skirmishes here and there.

Please feel free to explore our website or our library. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us via this website, or email us at cmd@crazyhorse.ucip.org.

Turmoil leads the Crazy Horse to the safety of Earth orbit. As engineering teams scurry to survey and repair the ship's damage the crew disembarks to Earth for rest and safety. After recent events Commander Zivit Agron is relieved of Command only to be replaced by a mysterious young Captain whose redacted personnel record could fit on the palm of a hand.

Unbeknownst to the crew local events will soon grow to into a tempest as discord flows along the solar winds towards Earth. News arrives that the Romulan Praetor is headed to Earth for an important summit. Security teams hurry to make preparations while the Crazy Horse's new Captain is selected to play the role of host. Beneath the shadows things begin to stir- what wickedness follows in their midst? Visit the plot page in our library to read more!

Latest Mission Posts

» BackLog | "Frontiers" | FAdm T'Evora

Mission: Coil of Darkness
Posted on 241512.12 @ 7:22am by Fleet Admiral T'Evora

Les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières.

[Starbase 577 “Frontenac”, just outside the Kavrot sector]


“So what you’re saying, Ma’am, is that the … dog ate your rank pips?”
“Indeed.” The stately Vulcan woman cast a mildly reproachful look at the canine in question, causing it to plop onto…

» Fleet Log “Admiral Corgi” || President Jolias Enor, Councillor Iyaru Aniri, FAdm T’Evora

Mission: Coil of Darkness
Posted on 241512.04 @ 6:24am by Lieutenant Commander Jin Rha-Yaleii & Captain Khiy Kanryth

[President’s Office]

It was odd. To sit in this chair and realize that one might be one of the most powerful people in the entire Federation. Jole lifted his fingertip and stared at it in awe- in this one fingertip he now had the power to influence over a hundred…

» Plot Log| "Whoops" | CO, XO, CHelm | Cmdre Kanryth, Capt Agron, LtCmdr Rha-Yaleii

Mission: Coil of Darkness
Posted on 241511.17 @ 4:52am by Lieutenant Commander Jin Rha-Yaleii & Captain Khiy Kanryth & Commander Zivit Agron

[Crazy Horse]

The Romulans were diving towards the outer atmosphere- thin cones of tawny fire laced across their beaks creating a sparkling trail of embers behind them.
“Weapons hot!”
Khiy coiled his fingers around the armrests. Below them the massive turquoise of the pacific oceans gave way to the emerald…

» Romulan Empire Log | "Dimness" | Arrenhe t`Ahaefvthe, Lwanissa Tyrax

Mission: Coil of Darkness
Posted on 241511.10 @ 9:19pm by Lieutenant Commander Jin Rha-Yaleii & Captain Khiy Kanryth

[IRW Hhveir Ri'hwathech]

Shiarrael was always one for fanciful notions…but this? Imin glared at the woman in front of him. This Betazoid witch the soon-to-be Galae’EnRiov wanted to subject the Praetor to- the idea was asinine. He had protested but as always when it came to his opinions the EnRiov…

» Plot Log| "Unanswered Questions Pt.1" | CO, XO, Sec | Cmdre Kanryth, Capt Agron, Lt Batul

Mission: Coil of Darkness
Posted on 241511.03 @ 6:33am by Commander Zivit Agron & Captain Khiy Kanryth & Lieutenant Commander Jin Rha-Yaleii

Perhaps it was the lack of sleep, or the ridiculous amount of coincidence; but Captain Agron almost found the situation they were in laughable, had it not also come accompanied by a vast amount of tragedy and uneasy suspicion. Batul's hypothesis had proven correct, and there had been two separate…